CERO Bikes - California Bicycle store business.

CERO Bikes is a California based $type enterprise located in Los Angeles. Company's registered address is 2332 S Centinela Ave Suite D, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections. You can also read the customer reviews about CERO Bikes as well as sharing your own experience.

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  • Zip code: 90064
  • State: CA
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Street: 2332 S Centinela Ave Suite D


CERO Bikes - Questions and Answers

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What's CERO Bikes's phone number ?

+1 310-857-6306


  • Richard Albistegui-DuBois01 May 2019

    After doing some research, I decided to buy my first e-bike here. I love the bike, but this review is of the shop itself. I live in the San Diego area, but I was on my way back from a conference at Stanford, and thought I'd drop by and take a test ride. My drive back was on a Saturday, so I contacted the company and asked if I could try out a bike at that time. They said that would be fine and we arranged to meet. I didn't realize until later that they weren't normally open on Saturday; they had arranged to be there specifically for me (excellent customer service point #1). I got there and tried out the bike, and loved it; I decided to buy one on the spot. The gentleman helping me found one I liked and helped me select the appropriate accessories, and then helped me load it into my car in a way which would be best and safest. He explained everything I would need to know about how to attach the last few parts, gave me a thorough rundown of the operation of the electric assist system, how to lock it up, etc. He was exceptionally friendly, patient, and helpful (excellent service point #2). I somehow managed to install one of the pedals badly when I got the bike home, and on a ride, it came out, stripping the threads on the crank arm. When I contacted the company, asking for a part number so I could order a replacement, they quickly negotiated with Shimano and got me a replacement under warranty, and even offered to help do the work. I've never worked with a business so responsive and helpful. I strongly recommend these folks. Not only do they have an excellent product, but they're also a real pleasure to deal with. And they seem motivated by an honest love of Los Angeles; a big plus.

  • Mikey Reinhardt01 May 2019

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